Tustin Chiropractor Treats Sports Injuries

Local athletes need to maintain their strength and flexibility to prevent injuries. In Tustin, the go to chiropractor to help local athletes in Tustin, Irvine, Orange and Costa Mesa to reach their potential is Dr. Shouka at ChiroActiveTherapy. Combining specific chiropractic adjustments, muscle therapy, and stretching the fascia with Pilates core strengthening allows the athletes to excel. These are effective treatments for competitive swimming, gymnastics, dancing, football, baseball, basketball, tennis, soccer, and volleyball. Core activation, fascia training and muscle coordination are essential to athletic performance. Pilates exercises strengthen the deep and supportive muscles for more muscle fiber recruitment to get the most efficiency and power for the athletes.

Tustin Chiropractor and Pilates Instructor treats Injured Athletes

If you live in Tustin, Orange, Irvine or Costa Mesa and have been injured, you may benefit from chiropractic adjustments and Pilates exercises. Chiropractic, physiotherapy and Pilates exercises are effective for neck pain, back pain, headaches, sciatica, carpal tunnel, shoulder pain, knee pain, elbow pain, hip pain, wrist pain, tingling in hands, numbness in hands, pain in legs, numbness in feet, weakness in legs, weakness in arms, pain between shoulder blades and pinched nerves.

Pinched Nerves are Treated with Chiropractic, Myofascial Therapy and Pilates Exercise

Nerve impingement and pinched nerves need specific chiropractic treatment to remove the irritation. Customized Pilates Exercises stabilize the area after the nerve irritation is removed with specific and gentle manipulation. Regain your your health, strength and agility with ChiroActive Therapy.

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Welcome to chiroactive therapy home of the best chiropractor in Tustin. We are located close to the City of Irvine we might as well be an Irvine chiropractor office. We are a chiropractor office that is conveniently located near Costa Mesa. If you are looking for a chiropractor in Orange you will find our location convenient as well.

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Combining Chiropractic massage with exercise has proven very effective for student-athletes. Tustin high school students have found our location convenient and our chiropractor and Sports therapy effective for their sports injuries.

Orange Coast College in Costa Mesa and Santa Ana College athletes can benefit from chiropractic and massage Sports Therapy. Student-athletes that attend UC Irvine or Irvine Valley College will get a competitive advantage by having our Sports Therapy. Come to chiroactive therapy in Tustin for your sports injuries and get the Competitive Edge that you need. Soccer players in Tustin Orange Santa Ana Irvine Anaheim Costa Mesa will find the sports injury treatments very effective.

Chiropractic therapy is very effective for sports injury therapy for patient from Orange.

Sports injury therapy in Tustin is convenient and effective. Sports injury therapy for Irvine patient was very helpful. Costa Mesa athletes found sports injury therapy effective.

Orange athletes would benefit greatly with sports injury therapy and chiropractic therapy in Tustin. Chiropractic therapy for Irvine athletes improves coordination and strength. Costa Mesa athletes get results with chiropractic therapy. Chiropractic therapy gives competitive advantage to Orange athletes. Tustin chiropractic therapy is available at ChiroActiveTherapy.

Get back pain relief in Tustin with reliable treatments. Chiroactive therapy is an excellent resource for back pain relief for Irvine residents. Orange residents will find chiroactive therapy very effective for back pain relief. If you live in Costa Mesa and you need back pain relief come visit us.

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We provide great headache treatment in Tustin.  We have great headache treatment for Irvine. Natural headache treatment for Orange. Headache treatment for Costa Mesa is convenient and effective.

We are a great resource and treatment option for vertigo treatment in Tustin, vertigo treatment in Irvine, vertigo treatment in Orange, and vertigo treatment in Costa Mesa.

We have chiropractic TMJ treatment in Tustin, natural and safe TMJ treatment for Irvine, TMJ treatment for Orange and TMJ treatment for Costa Mesa.

Call us for deep tissue massage serving Tustin, Irvine, Orange, Costa Mesa. We are your place for quality sports massage in Tustin Irvine Costa Mesa Orange areas. Relaxation massage at our facility in Tustin is great for stress reduction and pain relief. Swedish massage and stress massage are another way of saying relaxation massage. We are providing quality Swedish  massage, stress massage, and relaxation massage for Irvine, Tustin, Orange, Santa Ana and Costa Mesa.