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First of all, balance is something we take for granted until we lose it. Our ability to maintain our balance is one of the most important functions to prevent injuries. Think of all the times you caught yourself avoiding a fall. Moreover, it is one of those things that we lose gradually without notice.

Next, we need strength to keep our body capable to lift, carry and work. We need strength to enjoy the activities that make life full. Similar to balance, strength may decline without notice.

Coordination is what allows us to chew gum and walk at the same time. Obviously there are more important functions that need coordination. Coordination and timing are important in all of our human interactions.

Finally, flexibility is essential to maintaining our minds as well as our bodies. Being flexible in thought and feeling is just as important as a flexible body. Moreover, flexibility in the muscles, tendons and joints can prevent injuries and improve mobility.

Active Therapy Exercises include:



3. Chi Kung

Plus Chiropractic for better health and performance

Pilates exercises were originally called Contrology by Joseph Pilates. It is a system of movement and muscle activation to rehabilitate injuries. Pilates is used to improve strength, flexibility and fitness. It also turns out that Pilates exercise also improved health. When Joseph Pilates was working with sick people, he adapted the bed springs to make exercise equipment. These later became known as the reformer, trapeze table and the Pilates chair.

Yoga is an ancient philosophy and exercise system to train the mind, body and spirit. Interestingly enough most of the athletic and challenging exercises were developed in fairly modern times. They were implemented by the population of India prior to their quest for independence. They were preparing themselves physically for revolution but ended up gaining independence through the ideology of Ghandi. Passive and non-violent resistance worked for them.

Chi Kung evolved through the slow and deliberate movement of martial arts techniques. The government did not allow the people to train in fighting techniques so they developed these slow movements. The application of these movements with breathing and meditation proved to be a powerful combination. Chi Kung practitioners developed strength, flexibility and focus. They became healthier and more fit physically, emotionally and spiritually

Learn to activate the correct muscle movement patterns
Increase your fire power by activating the right muscles.

We don’t forget the small muscles that protect you from injury at this Tustin Chiropractic clinic

At our Tustin chiropractic clinic we teach you how to exercise correctly for better health and less injuries. Sometimes we say that these exercises are focused on the “forgotten muscles” because they are not outwardly visible. The muscles of the rotator cuff in the shoulder are an example. They are very susceptible to injury because they are often ignored in training. That is why you have to include the various ranges of motion in your normal exercise routine.


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Female athlete demonstrating chiroactivetherapy exercises
Improve your athletic performance with the correct activation of your muscles
Increase your energy with more available oxygen

The hidden power of the ATP exercises is how they reset your nervous system so that your movements are more effective. The agonist and antagonist muscles work together and opposite each other. The deep breathing portion of the exercise routine allows your body to bring in more oxygen. This also allows your body to get rid of the excessive carbon dioxide. This can lead to a more alkaline state in your body for Better Health and more energy.


Dancer demonstrates flexibility and strength
Professional dancers improve flexibility balance and coordination

Tustin Chiropractic facility helps local patients in Tustin, Irvine, Orange and Costa Mesa remove hip pain and improve hip function

The muscles of the hip are also similar to the shoulder in that they must be exercised throughout their ranges of motion. Hip bursitis and hip pain can get worse from lack of mobility. The gentle movements we teach you teach you at our Tustin chiropractic office will help you to get better.

The exercises will  improve your mobility, balance, strength and coordination. As your hips improve they will allow your core muscles to get stronger.  These exercises  will help your core muscles get stronger to brace your back and protect you from injury.

Another example of agonist/antagonist muscle coordinating are the core muscles of the abdominal wall and low back. You should be aware of your core and posture while doing the ATP exercises.


Ballet dancer stretches at Tustin Chiropractic office
Ballet dancer fine tunes her symmetry and flexibility with ChiroActive Therapy

Tight hips and weak core add up to back pain

When hip flexors are too tight, the muscles of the low back and low abdomen will relax. It becomes difficult to impossible to get a complete contraction in the core muscles because neurologically they are shut down. ATP exercises will correct the range of motion and balance the nervous system.

ChiroActive Therapy Exercises

ChiroActive Therapy in Tustin provides chiropractic, Pilates, nutrition, stress management and sports therapy

Welcome to ChiroActive Therapy home of the best chiropractor in Tustin. We are located close to the City of Irvine we might as well be an Irvine chiropractor office. We are a chiropractor office that is conveniently located near Costa Mesa. If you are looking for a chiropractor in Orange you will find our location convenient as well.

Call 714-535-6535 for quality massage therapy in Tustin. Irvine residents appreciate our quality massage therapist. If you are looking for Quality massage therapy near Costa Mesa give us a call. We are near Orange for your stress relief massage therapy.

Local athletes get their competitive edge at this Tustin Chiropractic location

Combining Chiropractic massage with exercise has proven very effective for student athletes. Tustin high school students have found our location convenient and our chiropractor and sports therapy effective for their sports injuries.

Orange Coast College in Costa Mesa and Santa Ana College athletes can benefit from chiropractic and  Sports Therapy. Student athletes that attend UC Irvine or Irvine Valley College will get a competitive advantage by having our Sports Therapy. Come to ChiroActive Therapy in Tustin for your sports injuries and get the competitive edge that you need. Soccer players in Tustin, Orange, Santa Ana, Irvine, Anaheim, and Costa Mesa will find the sports injury treatments very effective.

Could you get more from your efforts?

At our Tustin Chiropractic Clinic we can figure out where your limitations are. Often times there is scar tissue that builds up  in and around the muscles joints and ligaments. Dr. Shouka is an expert in finding and removing these blockages. The result is that you recover faster and gain more strength coordination  and balance. Chiropractic therapy is very effective for sports injury therapy for athletes from Orange.

Sports injury therapy in Tustin is convenient and effective. Sports injury therapy for Irvine patients was very helpful. Costa Mesa athletes found sports injury therapy effective.

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Orange athletes would benefit greatly with sports injury therapy and chiropractic therapy in Tustin. Chiropractic therapy for Irvine athletes improves coordination and strength. Costa Mesa athletes get better results with chiropractic therapy.

Chiropractic therapy gives competitive advantage to Orange athletes. Tustin chiropractic therapy is available at ChiroActiveTherapy.

Back pain relief for Tustin, Irvine, Orange and Costa Mesa

Get back pain relief in Tustin with reliable treatments. ChiroActive Therapy is an excellent resource for back pain relief for Irvine residents. Orange residents will find ChiroActive Therapy very effective for back pain relief. If you live in Costa Mesa and you need back pain relief come visit us.

For those that need neck pain relief in Tustin we are your number one choice. We are conveniently located next to Irvine for neck pain relief. If you need neck pain relief and you live in Orange we are nearby. Students that are attending colleges in Costa Mesa, Santa Ana or Irvine will find neck pain relief by visiting us.

Do you suffer from Headaches or Vertigo?

We provide great headache treatment at our Tustin chiropractic office. There are three main types of headaches. First is migraine headaches that are associated with light or sound sensitivities. Second are sinus headaches that may be connected with allergies, colds or infections. The third type of headaches are called tension headaches. Tension headaches are usually related to stress and stiffness in the neck and shoulders.

All three of these types of headaches respond very well to our treatments. We have great headache treatment for Irvine residents. If you are looking for a natural headache treatment, you will be satisfied with your visit to our facility. Many athletes also suffer from headaches. Orange and Costa Mesa athletes have benefited from our headache treatment. Actually they found it convenient and effective.

Vertigo and TMJ problems get better with our treatment

Many people have felt the debilitating effects of a vertigo attack. If you suffer from  vertigo and have not been able to find a solution you may benefit from this treatment. That is why we are a great resource and treatment option for vertigo treatment in Tustin.

We have chiropractic TMJ treatment in Tustin and a natural and safe TMJ treatment for Irvine, Orange and Santa Ana.

Massage Therapy at Tustin Chiropractic facility plus Active Sports Therapy for best results

Call us for deep tissue massage serving Tustin, Irvine, Orange, Costa Mesa. We are your place for quality sports massage in Tustin Irvine Costa Mesa Orange areas. Relaxation massage at our facility in Tustin is great for stress reduction and pain relief. We are providing quality stress massage and relaxation massage for Irvine, Tustin, Orange, Santa Ana and Costa Mesa.