Reviews and Testimonials

5.0 star rating

“Dr. Shouka has help me and so many of my family members, friends and co-workers. He is absolutely thee number one chiropractor. His healing is not just physically but mentally as well. Whatever emotion has triggered the tension in your muscles that caused the misalignment he is able to heal the negative emotion along with the physical body aches and pains.
Very trustworthy, calm and peaceful.
And Two Thumbs up to Betty the ChiroActive receptionist as well.”
Pauline B.

“I’ve been going to Dr. Shouka over the years for back adjustments. I’m proud to say that many of my family and even extended family go to him for help, and that is how I heard about him. I’m so glad that I did because he has been such an immense help. I recently began seeing him again for intense episodes of vertigo that I was having and, sure enough, it cleared up with just a couple of visits. I look forward to my continued visits with Dr. Shouka for optimal health and wellbeing! Don’t wait if you’re suffering, come get Shouk’d!”
Jacqueline Rodriguez

“My family and I have been going to Dr. Shouka for many many years now and he has always been able to resolve our back issues and keep us in good physical condition.

We have two kids who are involved in competitive gymnastics. Given the stress of the sport, it’s imperative that their backs are maintained, and Dr. Shouka provides those services.

Dr. Shouka is warm, funny and highly knowledgeable about the back, he is always able to provide pain relief for us. He is a big advocate to natural wellness as opposed to medication and this is aligned with our preferences.

We are extremely thankful for Betty in the front office as she is always able to work with us to on scheduling needs. It’s difficult enough to juggle a schedule for 5 people, and Betty makes it easy for the scheduling for treatments for us.”
Jimmy L.

“You honestly have to visit and get treated to see what it’s all about. It’s truly life changing.
Thank you Doctor Shouka for being amazing at your job and truly making a difference in people lives.”
Madison Monge

“Dr. Shouka is the best. My entire family has and I have been seeing him off and on since I was 14 years old. He has helped with my back, ankles, and asthma. He is so kind and gentle yet he is confident and knowledgeable. I recommend him to all my family and friends. When you visit him, it is a process. He takes his time with you using various techniques and equipment. I totally believe Dr. Shouka has healing hands!”
Michelle F.

“Dr. Shouka has been our family chiropractor for over 15 years. His sensitive approach to care is what makes him unique. He spends time to genuinely understand your ailments and from there, explains what is going awry in your body to cause the issue you’re seeing him for. He then lays out a pathway for treatment to get you feeling your best again. He is very knowledgeable in his field making him not only a great doctor, but a great teacher, too! Would highly recommend him for all your chiropractic care!”
Nadia B.

“Dr. Shouka definitely knows his stuff! His office is fun and relaxed! He is a hilarious guy that includes his expertise in his sense of humor. He makes a lot of bone jokes that are riddled with puns. I went in for pains in my ribs and my sciatic and after my first session I felt SO much better! I haven’t taken a full breath in months and I was breathing normal ever since. I am coming back to finish my sessions for sure… I can’t wait until he has the massage therapist department up and running!!!”
Bebe G.

“”MO PLEASE!!!” Dr Mo has been great. I was suddenly in a lot of pain in my back. Dr was recommended to me. I called and they worked me in. Amazing! Very knowledgeable and careful. I always say you leave a little taller every time you come in ( walking more upright and feeling great). “”- Do yourself a favor- if you are looking for a Great Chiropractor – call immediately.”
Joyce D.

“I come for maintenance and vitamins but most recently I got a stiff neck situation that started on Thursday (while out of town on vacation, of course) by Sunday it had gotten worse and I had to come in today (Tuesday) and boy am I glad I did. I can now turn my head both ways (you’re welcome So Cal commuters) and am happy to report no pain. I was in so much pain I spent Monday with a headache. It was awful. In less then 20-30 mins during and after treatment I feel percent better!! So glad I went in. Dr. Mo is amazing! Thank you and your wonderful stso much!

3/14/19 Came in for some maintenance work. Went to Vegas over the weekend. Back was killing me from hotel bed. Came in did some therapy, got an adjustment stocked up on my vitamins. It was a great day!!”
Nancy S.

“Dr Shouka has been helping me with my neck and back pain for many years! He is a true professional and extremely kind. He helped me recover from a car accident with physical therapy and chiropractic treatments and i have improved tremendously. He truly cares about his patients and his technique is spot on. His team is friendly and makes you feel comfortable. I have recommend him to many people who thank me every time they see me! Thank you always Dr. Shouka!”
Hannah B.

“I had a wonderful treatment today. Dr. Shouka really listens and finds your pain or injuries ,to start you on health program to get healthy. He give you some homework like stretches, supplements and exercises plus to ice the correct area of need.
I would recommend him and have many times, Dr Shouka is a true healer….”
Mliss W.

“I’ve been coming to Dr. Shouka for almost 10 years now. I’ve had many injuries over the years, some minor and some major. As soon as they happen, I call right away and Betty/Peryhan is able to fit me in as soon as possible. The team here is very accommodating and warm. You have that family feel and I love that about their practice. I know when I walk in and see Betty, she has a smile on her face and she’s ready to banter! 🙂

Dr. Shouka also has a great sense of humor and truly embodies the passion he has for helping others. I was just treated today from a fall that limited my range of motion and gave me a sharp pain when I breathed in deeply. Check photos to see my before and after. I was SHOCKED myself because I can feel the difference, but it’s another thing to SEE the difference. I can now stretch, reach, and breathe easy! Miracle worker I tell ya!”
Neva A.

“Dr. Shouka is one of the most caring and knowledgeable chiropractors I have ever seen. I have been treated by chiropractors since I was 15 years old and I can honestly say that he is simply the best.

He’s the only chiropractor I trust with my delicate neck anatomy. He listens to his patients and provides the exact treatment needed each time.

I’d also like to mention that his office manager, Betty, is the most dedicated and caring lady I’ve ever met.

Thank you Dr. Shouka and Betty for all you have done for me, my family, and friends.”
Denise A.

“I’ve always been skeptical about chiropractors but from the second I walked into this office, I knew they were a legitimate medical office that had their clients’ best interests in mind. My service was beneficial, I learned why I was in pain and we can up with a correction plan, and I felt genuinely cared for. I highly recommend Mo.”
Meg M.

“Great staff. Madison is awesome and truly cares. Dr. Shouka has a great and interesting approach to Chiropractor practice. Look at the whole body not just cracking. Great experience.”
Reza Divanfard

“I’ve been a patient of Dr Shouka for the past 10 years. I’ve seen him for back issues and for issues related to my neck. I’m grateful for the way he’s helped my body heal. I would never see another chiropractor.

There were times when I was playing soccer I hurt my low back. Dr. Shouka would find the problem right away and help me to recover more quickly. You’ll know from the first treatment that you’re in the hands of the best. It is sometimes difficult to get an appointment with Dr. Shouka, so be sure to book ahead of time!”
Ciraj Ossman

“Dr. Shouka is not only a very knowledgable Chiropractor, but also a positive and caring person! He has helped me overcome many injuries from sports and my car accident.”
Samer Shouga

“I have been seeing Dr. Shouka for many years. He has helped me improve neck, stress, sciatica. My neck had difficulties moving in any direction. My stress was extremely high leveled. My sciatica pain will occur on and off over the years. I appreciate your work and would recommend him to anyone at any age.”
Barihan Isshak

“I never write reviews and I wanted to write this review because I am Truly impressed with Dr. Mo , I was in so much pain from headaches to upper and lower back pain. I wasn’t able to sleep or walk for a long period or do any type of activities and I was experiencing severe depression and anxiety and he is honestly the best chrioActive and chiropractor I have ever been to . I have want to truly say I am completely satisfied and pleased with treatment and services this office has. From the amazing receptionist Betty who is flexible with scheduling and DR. Mo they are the best! Very caring people ! Dr. Mo took the time to explain to me everything he was doing from the alignment to stretching to home treatments that effectively fixed all of my problematic areas . He addressed all of the problems I was having and fixed everything !!!! He’s an expert in holistic care if your looking for that . I no longer have headaches and no longer feeling the pain I felt before I walked into his office. Thank you for healing me!!!!”
Diana Bagh

“I have been seeing Dr. Shouka for years since before I could remember. He has been my mother’s go to chiropractor for years for any back, health and/or migraine issues. He gets to the root of the issue and knows exactly what is triggering it. Dr. Shouka’s knowledge, experience, and technique is what makes his patients continue coming to him. He has also been my chiropractor for over 20 years. Dr. Shouka explains everything in detail and is the most pleasant doctor I ever had. He gets to the core of any pain and tense shoulders/back issues I have had; it’s amazing how quickly I heal after his treatments. Highly recommended.”
Maza Eshak

“Dr. Shouka cured my left hand numbness in my pinky so I could play the violin again back in 2005. He is the best!”
Edgar Sandoval

“Without equal. Very knowledgeable. Great service and bedside manner. Has a great understanding to heal your body.”
Maher Sholakh

“I used to have really bad neck and back pain. I would get pain and tingling in my arms and legs. I went to see two different neurologists for my symptoms. I had an MRI of my neck that showed that I had several disc bulges pressing on my nerves. When I went to Dr. Shouka, he treated me and my neck got better. The pain and tingling went away. Dr. Shouka’s treatment was very helpful and actually helped the discs in my neck heal!”
Mona Eshak

“I’ve been in several car accidents over the years and have seen several different chiropractors. Then a friend referred me to Dr. Shouka. Dr. Shouka’s treatments were unlike any other chiropractor. I always felt that I received personal attention for my problems. He would take the time to reassess my condition on every visit and custom tailor each treatment. Thank God he is a patient person, because I am a BIG complainer. Thanks to him my 20 year old problems in my neck and lower right side of my back have gone away. I recently developed pain in my right shoulder from playing golf. Dr. Shouka is treating me for that and I am already halfway better. One more thing, when you walk into the office it’s like walking into a spa. It has a warm and inviting atmosphere. I highly recommend Dr. Shouka!”
Jeanette Kaat

“Dr.Shouka is really good at working on my sports related soreness and the car accident injuries I sustained. His office has a very good ambiance and the staff is very friendly and also helpful. The rehabilitation program and treatments stand out from the rest. .I have recommended Dr.Shouka to my friends and family.”
Annie Nguyen

“If you want to feel emotionally happier and physically better then look no further. I personally have found my “happy place” and that is at ChiroActive Therapy. From front office to back office patients get exemplary care. Whether it’s trauma, personal injury or preventative this is my “Go To” place. My body becomes agile, start to think better & with more clarity. THANK YOU for all your amazing “one of a kind” treatments! 5 stars isn’t enough for this caliber of quality care , Dr. Shouka + Staff deserve 5 million stars Just take a pre & post treatment selfie & you’ll know what I’m taking about :)”

“Great Doctor with a warm personality and excellent results. I have known Dr Shouka for over 20 years during which he has helped me get over my neck and back pain. His treatments are to the point and usually only takes a few visits to see results
He will ask you to do your part to stay healthy and he’s always on your side until you recover
Thank you Dr Shouka”
Al S.

“Quality of life has improved tremendously after seeing Dr. Shouka. I was in a lot of pain and my mobility was limited when I went to my first appointment. During my first session, the pain was decreased and felt relief. More importantly, I developed an instant trust with his ability to heal. He was able to zero in on my issues.

It becomes obvious he is very experienced and knowledgeable. Thank you Mo for your dedication to healing me and getting me on the path to healthy living.”

“Dr. Shouka is amazing ! I started seeing him about 5 years ago due to some ongoing neck issues . Before seeing him , I would get terrible neck pain and stiffness in my shoulder blades . Ever since I started treatment with him my neck pain improved drastically .

Dr. Shouka is so good at what he does , he has a very caring and calming way about him , he explains everything he is doing and he takes the time to listen to your concerns . He is the only Chiropractor I trust and up until a little more than a year ago I stopped driving to see him because his office is about 1 hr away from where I live but I am definitely planning on making that drive soon , I really miss how relaxed I would feel when leaving his office . He is truly gifted at what he does.”
Kae M.

“Wow! Wow! This place is amazing!! The staff is friendly and organized, clean peaceful office, the Chiro is amazing not only does he adjust you but he gets to the root of the problems, from muscles to tendons and bone alignment, before going here i had been to several Chiros for months on end who would crack all my bones but after a week it would be the same again, Dr. Mo takes his time examining me and making sure what the problem actually is, and corrects it while teaching me stretches to further correct the problem, ive never experienced such a knowledgeable Chiro.

Prices are great for the time and effort usually about 30min-1hr. like i said Amazing!”
Rich B.

“First would like to say Dr. Shouka and Dr.B are great. I first came in mid August 2016 up to mid dec 2016 for a car accident injury.. The treatment that was given by shouka was amazing along side with Dr B and his pressure points skills. They both made feel very comfortable. Since I’ve left and continuing to do my stretches that was shown to me my body feels new again. If I only heard of them sooner.. My family are in awe how more active I’ve become since I’ve seen them.. And would like to say thank you to this office for helping me out.”
Eric H.

“I have been a patient of Dr. Shouka for over 15 years. I came to him after seeing multiple Dr’s over a period of 2 years after a series of multiple car accidents, with no progression of healing. Within just 3 visits, I had major comfort! Over time, my range of motion increased tremendously, I could sit up straight with little to no pain, and most importantly he gave me hope that I can be normal and pain free again after many years of depression due to my pain. I also love the fact that he incorporates Eastern Medicine healing practices. You will walk out of that office with so much confidence within your first few visits! At the end of the day….when many Dr’s told me I needed surgery to get better…he made sure he healed me without seeing an operation table or anything close to it! Dr. Shouka. ..I can’t thank you enough!”
Nanoos B.

“Hands down the best chiropractor in So-cal.

I been an athlete all my life and have had injuries in the process. Dr. Shouka is the only chiropractor I trust to help me get back up and running. His East meets West approach to health is the best I have ever seen.

Dr. Shouka spends the time necessary to identify your issue and discusses a plan to help. I have had serious lower back pain and with Dr. Shouka’s guidance he was able to cure me of all back pain.

Dr. Shouka is an amazing doctor and a great person. His way of with people is awesome, a fun guy that puts his patience at ease.”
Neil A.

“My husband and I are very physically active in sports as well as workouts and Dr. Shouka has worked miracles with both old and new injuries for us both. When I do experience an injury I can be certain that he will help me heal properly and quickly. Dr. Shouka is not your typical average chiropractor. He connects the physical, emotional, spiritual and mental aspects of life in order to achieve ultimate health and wellness. Going in for pro-active maintenance has not only helped me physically but has even helped with insomnia and stress management. I’ve also learned simple key exercises that help me stay flexible and less prone to injury as I get older. Dr. Shouka really cares and gives his all every session. Betty at the front office is incredibly sweet and accommodating. I most definitely recommend this place.”
Georgina V.

“Dr. Shouka is truly an intuitive healer. Our whole family (of five very tall people) received excellent treatment from him. He is one in a million, the gold standard in chiropractic care.”

“Coming from New Jersey I heard about Dr Shouka. There are many chiropractors out there that are there to tell you what’s wrong with you without even checking out where the problems really are. However Dr Shouka is not like any other chiropractor out there. He knows what he’s doing and he enjoys his line of work. He can pin point where exactly the pain is and he knows exactly what causes the pain. He makes your experience fun and very interesting and I would definitely recommend him to anyone who’s in the area. I was very pleased. Thank you doctor!”
Serene A.

“Amazing Healer. I would recommend him to anyone. I was relieved on my 1st visit. I feel like a always leave a little taller than when I first walk in, Thanks to Mo.”
Joyce D.

“Dr Shouka is amazing! He understands the body-mind connection, and helped with my digestion issues, migraines and TMJ! I would recommend anyone I know to him, especially as a beginner so you have a great experience!”
Trina Haag

“Dr. Shouka is a gifted and talented healer! His hands have worked magic on my body that had previously shut down. I feel so very blessed to have him taking care of me.”
Karen Wright

“He is a true natural born HEALER! He uses western and eastern philosophies, so you get the best of both worlds! Amazing! I recommend him to everyone that complains about pain from their back, neck, etc. My entire family goes to him for everything, even vitamins and supplements. He has changed our quality of life forever ♡”
Amber Hahn Grover

Hapkido at Shaolin Temple

At the Shaolin Temple… Hapkido demonstration

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