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Chiroactive Therapy-Tustin chiropractic office

We combine chiropractic with exercise, nutrition and stress management so you can get better. Chiropractic care removes nerve blockage while specific exercises are prescribed to strengthen weak muscles. The correct nutritional supplements can help with overall energy, digestion and better sleep. Stress is usually associated with our emotions and we can help you by taking the tension out of your nerves. By addressing these fundamental principles we can help you regain your health and enjoy your life.

Chiroactive Therapy-Customized treatments 

Most patients experience quick relief. However, some conditions require more care as they may have reached an advanced state. Dr. Shouka will take time to explain to you what to expect during your treatment program. We provide custom treatments to heal your specific injury and we will work together to construct a plan to make you better.

Dr. Shouka is a Chi Kung Master and has learned about the meridians from Chinese medicine. These can be stimulated to improve, circulation, increase energy and decrease pain. There are many points along the meridians that can be used to help you. The meridians are associated with physical and emotional well being. We overlap the knowledge of the meridians with the understanding of the nervous system. With this knowledge we can address your condition mare accurately.

Assisted Stretching and Pilates

At ChiroActive Therapy we also include Pilates exercise, massage, assisted stretching and meridian therapy. Assisted stretching has gained in popularity in recent years. Athletes and the general public have woken up to the benefits of  assisted stretching. Dr. Shouka’s type of assisted stretching is called “orthopedic stretching.” He has been using this type of therapy to help his patients since 1988. Even as an intern in chiropractic school, Dr. Shouka was able to help many patients with severe conditions such as disc herniations, nerve root stenosis and central canal stenosis. You will learn how to take care of your spine so that it will last a lifetime. Reach out by text or email with a small description of your health challenges. Let’s see if we can help.


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Understanding the root cause of your pain 

There are many reasons that people have pain. and the treatments may vary from one person to the next.

First, we want to minimize the pain and prevent further injury. It is important to understand what caused the injury. Avoiding the positions and movements that aggravate the condition will allow the injured area to rest and heal.

Next, we want to release the tight areas to allow for proper movement so you can have a better outcome. By relaxing muscle spasms your circulation improves. Then by releasing the tight joints and ligaments healing will take place.

Our chiropractic treatments include spinal adjustments, massage, stretching and exercise. This is an effective and comprehensive approach to get you better so you can enjoy your life.

With our program you will understand what caused your injury. Then you will know how to manage it. Furthermore, you will be able to prevent future injuries. We will teach you exercises that will get you better and keep you well!

Chiropractors and the chiropractic profession have been helping people for over 120 years

Chiropractors have a deep understanding of wellness and injury recovery.  We have been teaching patients about nutrition, stress management, staying hydrated, deep breathing and exercising for better health.

Dr. Shouka provides chiropractic adjustments that are safe, gentle and highly.  They have brought hope and healing to many people suffering with neck pain, back pain, headaches and dizziness. Chiropractic is very effective for neuralgia, sciatica, shoulder pain, weakness and tingling.

Adding movement therapy like Pilates exercises improves the benefits of chiropractic adjustments. We employ various myofascial treatments to reinforces the healing effects of chiropractic spinal manipulation. The exercises when done correctly will keep your spine in alignment.

UNDERSTANDING Your core muscles 

Strengthening and balancing your core and low back muscles will protect your spine. By the way, your core and hips work opposite each other! When your hips are tight, they cause your core muscles to shut down.

That’s why some people are unable to strengthen and keep their core strong. Another reason is that they just do not know about the deep layers of the abdominal muscles.

The core muscle have several layers. Most people don’t understand how to activate the deep layers that protect the spine. We will help you find those muscle and teach you how to activate them on command.

Do you have sciatica or leg pain?

Sciatic pain, numbness, tingling and weakness can be very debilitating. Often  caused by a low back condition that has deteriorated. A locked up sacro-iliac joint can put added pressure on the discs of the lower back.. It is important to understand the root cause and treat appropriately.

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Serving Orange County with Quality Sports Therapy, Massage, Chiropractic and  Wellness 

Chiroactive Therapy is the home of the best chiropractor in Orange County. We are located close to Irvine. We might as well be an Irvine chiropractic office. This chiropractic office is conveniently located near Costa Mesa. If you are looking for a chiropractor in Orange you will find our location convenient.

Athletes – get the most from your training!

By combining Chiropractic with exercise has proven to be very effective for student-athletes. Tustin and Foothill high school students have found our location convenient. Our chiropractic and sports therapy is effective for their sports injuries.

Orange Coast College in Costa Mesa and Santa Ana College athletes can benefit from chiropractic, massage and Sports Therapy. Student-athletes that attend UC Irvine or Irvine Valley College will get a competitive advantage by having our Sports Therapy.

Visiting our chiropractic office in Tustin for your sports injuries gives you the Competitive Edge. Soccer players from Tustin, Orange, Santa Ana, Irvine,  Anaheim and Costa Mesa find the sports injury treatments very effective.

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Chiropractic therapy is very effective for sports injuries

Sports injury therapy in Tustin is convenient and effective. Sports injury therapy for Orange and Irvine patients was very helpful. Costa Mesa athletes found sports injury therapy effective.

Moreover, Orange athletes would benefit greatly with sports injury therapy and chiropractic adjustments in Tustin. Chiropractic adjustments for Irvine athletes improves coordination and strength.

Costa Mesa athletes get results with chiropractic treatments. Chiropractic therapy gives a competitive advantage to Orange athletes. Tustin chiropractic adjustments are available at ChiroActive Therapy.

Get out of pain, feel better and get stronger!

Get relief from aching back pain in Tustin with reliable treatments. Our chiropractic office is an excellent resource for aching back pain relief. Irvine and Orange residents find Chiroactive Therapy very effective for aching back pain relief. Visit our chiropractic clinic if you live in Costa Mesa and need back pain relief.

We are your number one choice for neck pain relief in Tustin. Also, if you have an aching or radiating pain, it may be time to call a professional chiropractor.  Because we are conveniently located next to Irvine you might want to consider our office for relief from your aching neck pain. If you need neck pain relief and you live in Orange we are nearby. Finally, students that are attending colleges in Costa Mesa, Santa Ana or Irvine will find neck pain relief by visiting us.

Headaches or Vertigo? Chiropractic can help!

We provide an effective headache treatment in Tustin.  We also have great headache treatments for Irvine. This natural headache treatment for Orange County is a safe and reliable approach. Headache treatment for Costa Mesa is convenient and effective.

We provide chiropractic adjustments for vertigo treatment in Tustin, Irvine, Orange and Costa Mesa. Vertigo may be caused by various conditions that affect the sinuses, inner ear or brain. Patients may need to consult with the neurologist and the ENT doctor. It can also be affected by the neck and some cases by the lower back. This is why all these systems have to be checked while managing vertigo.

Treatments for TMJ 

We have a natural and safe TMJ treatment for Tustin and Irvine residents and we also offer  TMJ treatment for Orange and  Costa Mesa residents. The TMJ condition is complex and the patient may need to consult with the dentist, oral surgeon, chiropractor or physical therapist. There could be physical conditions as well as emotional or psychological reasons for the jaw disorder. That is why some TMJ patients may seek counseling or stress management.

Shiatsu, stress and sports therapy

We are your place for quality sports massage in Tustin, Irvine, Costa Mesa and Orange areas. Relaxation treatments at our facility in Tustin is great for stress reduction and pain relief.  Stress massage removes the effects of stress on your body. We are providing quality shiatsu  massage, stress massage, and relaxation massage for Irvine, Tustin, Orange, Santa Ana and Costa Mesa.

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