Chiropractic to Improve your Strength and Health

Our brand of chiropractic is great for treating the muscles. We can locate and fix scar tissue, trigger points and muscle spasms. The chiropractor at ChiroActive Therapy is an expert in removing nerve pressure. Releasing nerve interference allows for better communication between the brain and body. Restoring proper joint function produces better movement, better leverage, more strength and less pain!!

This type of chiropractic helps to stabilize the weak ligaments. We can correct the leverage of the body to strengthen the muscles. Also with better leverage the person can lift and carry more efficiently. This will strengthens the bones, joints and ligaments.

It will also improve circulation and release tension along the meridians (lymph flow). This is necessary for better detoxification. Fluids in the body regulate the flow of nutrients to the cells. The fluids are also the detox pathways for your cells.

We also use mental imagery during treatment sessions to facilitate the healing process. This works by recalling a stressful time and releasing the physiological effects related to it. When indicated, this can be the missing link to bring relief. It will allow the tight muscles to melt away!

We look forward to seeing you at our facility.

Mo Shouka, DC

ChiroActive Therapy
13691 Red Hill Ave
Tustin, CA 92780