Choose to be Happy

😀We have the right to #life, #liberty and the #pursuitofhappiness. We have the right to pursue🏃 happiness. #Happiness can be elusive for most people😞. Happiness is like the #theoryofrelativity. As an object moves faster and faster, eventually it can change forms and become #energy. With happiness, the closer you get to it the more elusive it becomes😒. As you approach, it starts to change form. Happiness is also a matter of #perspective. It really depends on how you’re looking at things. You may have had a dream of attaining, acquiring or becoming something that you thought would make you happy. As you #accomplished your #goals you may have found that they did not quite make you happy. It was probably exciting when you first accomplished your goal but then you realize that the feeling was not long-lasting. You may have been excited to purchase a car, furniture, jewelry, or article of clothing and then later realize that this too was short lived. Happiness is dependent on your #choices. One important choice is #choosing to have the right perspective😎. It begins with having the #attitude of #gratitude. There are many things that we have that do not seem to be #fulfilling anymore. There are people out there that would #dream to have the things that you take for granted. Yes happiness is a matter of perspective. It’s a matter of being reminded and being #grateful for what you already have. #Countingyourblessings every evening puts your thoughts in the right #mindset. Happiness much like the rest of our emotions can be affected by #movement. #Movingyourbody 😃💕💃 in all different directions not only stretches your body but it #expandsyourmind 🙆 as well. #Emotions are #notlogical and it may be difficult at times to change them with just your thinking alone. Emotions are heavily affected by motions. Starting off your day by #exercising in the morning can be very beneficial and helpful in regaining and maintaining happiness. The key to exercise is being able to #breathedeeply and moving in every direction. Choose to #behappy on #thedaily by having an attitude of gratitude🙏, counting your blessings, and moving and breathing💨 correctly.